Mike Schapiro Sound Design


This is a repository for various music tracks I've written. Most of the time, they're just written for fun, as opposed to any particular project.

Please click on the titles to hear each music file.

My SoundCloud is where you can find recent sketches of tracks, in various stages of completion.

How to End the World
This album is available on iTunes. Here's some preview tracks in full, for free!


WARNING this track is very loud!

Binary Reactor Fuse


The Business Venture Introduction

A track I composed for a student film titled "The Business Venture" - the music was the best part of the movie.

Heart Sword Perseverance End Credits

The end credits theme for Heart, Sword, Perseverance.

Heart Sword Perseverance Background Music

One of the background music themes composed for Heart, Sword, Perseverance. Being a documentary, we wanted the focus to be on the dialogue - as such this is a very long-form track.

For Fun

A very, very old track I wrote using an Edirol SC-88VL tone generator, some of my first music.


A darker track than I usually write, using a Virus TI.

Ashley Haze

Composing for strings!

These 4 tracks were written for the Stern Pinball 'The Sopranos' arcade game. I had a limited set of samples and voices to work with (only a few instruments at a time, one had to be drums) and each track need to be able to cut to it's 'exit loop' at any given time during it's middle loop. Each track was written in 3 parts (intro, looping middle, outro).

Extermination Theme

Double Score theme

Truckheist theme

Woodschase theme