Mike Schapiro Sound Design

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - In Game Cinematics
Running Time: 2:07 | Published by Activision

A game project that I worked on with Gametracks. I mainly covered the stranger sound design aspects, such as any 'nanobot' activation sounds, Iron Man's jetboots and weapons, Bishop's charging-up and electrical shock sounds, Mr. Fantastic's stretching sounds, as well as some explosions (Titanium Man destroying a cafeteria, for instance), and lots of computer button press and similar sounds, and tons more!

Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing E3 Announcement Trailer
Running Time: 1:04 | SEGA

Another project I worked on with Gametracks. Many of my sounds aren't contained in this particular cut. Things that I did include: Sonic's Air-spin missile hit, Ulala's spaceship motor sounds, the dash panel sounds, the totem Eye-Light activation sound, and various others.

Another cut we did of this video is available on Youtube, but that cut contains music that may make it difficult to hear all the sounds.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: The Game - Cinematic Sound Design
Running Time: 1:37 | Published by Activision

A project I worked on with Gametracks.I covered things like superpowers, electric shields, robots, bodyfalls, punches, electrical sparks, and tons more.

Monsters Vs. Aliens: The Game - Cinematics
Running Time: 1:45 | Published by Activision

The first project I worked on with Gametracks. My responsibilities included things like the hologram effect on the alien projection, the spaceship explosion as the end, the spaceship scouter-robot launch sound, the robot servos and footsteps, and many more.